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Life infused with heart. Aroha is love, encompassing many forms, it is a pure heart energy that connects us all in oneness. It forms us, heals us, excites and grounds us, fuelling the very essence of life. Let love grow, it is made for sharing and nourishes those who receive it. 

Starcrossed lovers, share the love vibers, lonely hearts, healing journeys, and grieving hearts. Bring the love vibration in and infuse your world with heart.

Soy Candle | Scented with sensual Ylang Ylang. Non-toxic recyclable polycarbonate spalight. Burn time 10 hours. 
Rose Quartz Crystal | The love stone. Opens the heart chakra and assists the expression of love.
Lava Mala beads | Can be infused with essential oil and worn throughout the day.
Aroha Pouch | Threads of Connection Talisman and Rose Quartz Crystal. Divine connection and aroha energy to carry with you.
Amethyst Crystal Cluster | Supports a state of balance and wellbeing. Attracts soothing energy.
Aroha Talisman | Kauri leaves represent the strength and constancy of aroha.
Pebble from Papatuanuku | Grounding energy from Papatuanuku, Earth Mother.
Koru Heart | Represents pure heart and essence of life energy.
Aroha Scroll | Aroha Intention Practise

Presented in a wooden box with room to personalise by adding  your own items | Dimensions: 23cm x 17cm x 5.5cm
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