Dream SoulBox

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You are pure potential. Allow abundance to flow into your life and feel alive with potential.
What do you dream of? Whatever you desire, you have to dream it before you can take action to achieve it. Our Dream SoulBox gives you tools to focus on one dream at a time, and take the actions to manifest it into being. Dream, do, achieve. 

Dream chasers, joy creators, manifestors. A ‘mindset flip’ tool for challenging limiting beliefs. Shake off the scarcity construct and live in the joy of abundance, of knowing there is enough and opening to receiving more. 

Pure Potential Talisman | The energy of potential is already within you. ?Citrine Crystal Cluster | Allows manifestation. Attracts divine energy and supports intention through action. ?Soy Candle | Scented with dream aligning jasmine. Non toxic recyclable polycarbonate tealight. Burn time 5 hours. ?Dream Scroll | Dream Intention Practise 

Presented in a branded eco cardboard box | Dimensions 5.5 x 4.8 x 3.6cm
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