Mindfulness SoulBox

Live life in the calm zone. Bring mindfulness, the art of living in the present moment, into your every day and create a calmer, healthier and happier you.
Our luscious Mindfulness SoulBox is packed full of consciously chosen items to start, or deepen your practice with. Beautifully presented in a wooden box with space to personalise by adding your own items.

Soy Candle | Soy candle scented with calming lavender. Non Toxic recyclable polycarbonate spalight. Burn time 10 hours.
Lava Mala beads | Can be infused with essential oil and worn throughout the day.
Notebook | Record that which you are grateful for.
Amethyst Cluster Crystal | Supports a state of balance and wellbeing. Attracts soothing energy.
Clear Quartz Crystal | Amplifies energy, clarifies thoughts and purpose.
Pure Potential Talisman | The energy of potential is already within you.
Pebble and Moss from Papatuanuku | Connecting and grounding energy gathered from Papatuanuku, Earth Mother.
Pouch with Threads of Connection Talisman and Amethyst  | Divine connection and calming energy to carry with you.
Mindfulness Scroll | Mindful Intention Practise

Presented in a wooden box with room to personalise by adding your own items | Dimensions: 23cm x 17cm x 5.5cm
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